If you're child has sustained a head injury he or she should be evaluated by a healthcare professional. This page is provided for assitance in evaluating and treating our patients who suffer a head injury and does not replace an evaluation.

AAP Concussion Recommendations
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You may be asked to fill out the following form prior to your arrival. Please choose the appropriate form and fill out only the section entitled "Symptom Evaluation." The rest of the form will be completed in the office with your provider.

Concussion results in symptoms that interfere with school, social and family relationships and participation in sports.  Signs and symptoms center around four aspects: 1) physical 2) cognitive 3) emotional and 4) sleep activity.  Although loss of consciousness (10% occurrence) is an important sign that may lead to further intervention, headache is the most frequent reported symptom.  Symptoms may not occur until several hours after the episode, and many young athletes may not be forthcoming of their symptoms as they fear activity restrictions.

Before returning to activity or school your child should be evaluated by one of our providers.